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    • Rich Internet Applications
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    "Brian is that truly rare breed of professional who is adept at blending many critical technical and leadership skills while maintaining a high degree of civility and humility under pressure. I have never worked with anyone who could so artfully present complex issues at any audience level while never losing focus on achieving the goal of the engagement. I would recommend Brian for any role that he is willing to undertake, and I can promise success in any such endeavor.” November 12, 2007

    Ron New , Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Venturi Technology Partners
    worked with Brian at Venturi Technology Partners


    Tackling the Question of Content Migration

    It is often said that your company’s web site is never really “done”, and in fact, according to HubSpot, the average web site is redesigned every 2 years. If you have ever had to take on the challenge of redesigning a web site, you are probably familiar with the concept of content migration. These kinds of redesign projects are challenging because they involve not just a complete redesign of the user interface, but also of the underlying information architecture of the site, as well. And information architecture is intimately linked to content strategy, which in turn leads to content migration as part of the redesign effort. 

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    What is Web Content Management (WCM)?

    Over the years, web site visitors have come to expect more and more from web sites. While so-called “brochureware” sites were the norm in the 1990’s, by the early2000’s, web sites began to provide a more compelling web site experience. In addition to conducting commerce through web sites, visitors have an expectation that today’s web sites know who they are and adapt themselves to the type and context of the device that the visitor is using. Businesses around the world have experimented with personalized web site experiences and have found that they dramatically enhance sales, customer retention and customer satisfaction with a web site.

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    Building High Performance Web Sites using Ektron

    Ensuring that your web site is ready to scale for thousands and potentially millions of customers is a critical component of any web site development project. Factors that affect scalability are incredibly diverse, including hardware hosting configuration, the use of caching, performance testing, architecture of the CMS and its accompanying implementation and many others. It’s critical to understand that simply purchasing and installing Ektron won’t result in a highly-scalable web site. The site has to be architected, built and maintained according to high performance best practices. 

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    Brian Browning joins Ameex Technologies

    On November 1st, 2012, Brian Browning joined Ameex Technologies, a leading provider of web content management consulting and staff augmentation services, as Vice President. In this capacity, Mr. Browning works with customers to select WCMS platforms, supports pre-sales efforts, oversees the implementation of WCMS solutions and provides guidance and support to the rest of the executive management team. Additionally, Mr. Browning provides strategic guidance to Ameex clients in determining how to evolve their WCMS platforms to maximize their online effectiveness. 

    More information about Ameex can be found at:


    Ektron SYNERGY Presentations Posted

    I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to present 2 presentations to this past year's SYNERGY Event. To download copies of the presentations, please click below:

    Content Migration: Do we HAVE to? (PPTX File) 3.8 MB


    The Content Migration presentation was a lot of fun to put together and share with the audience. Addressing manual and automated approaches to content migration, the deck included sample formulas to help users size their content migration efforts and resources. It concluded with a presentation by Jason Arden explaining how to leverage Ektron's API to automatically upload transformed content into Ektron.

    Link to online webinar:

    Enterprise Architecture and Ektron (PPTX File) 5.9MB

    This presentation focused around the unique needs of enterprise-level organizations when it comes to hosting infrastructure, integration with third-party and legacy tools, applications and data sources and provided best practice tips on configuring e-Sync within an enterprise environment.