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    Areas of Expertise
    • User Experience
    • Web Site Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Graphic Design
    • Usability
    • Accessibility
    • Rich Internet Applications
    • Globalization
    • e-Learning
    • e-Marketing
    • e-Commerce
    • Government Web Sites
    • Web Content Management Systems

    "Brian is that truly rare breed of professional who is adept at blending many critical technical and leadership skills while maintaining a high degree of civility and humility under pressure. I have never worked with anyone who could so artfully present complex issues at any audience level while never losing focus on achieving the goal of the engagement. I would recommend Brian for any role that he is willing to undertake, and I can promise success in any such endeavor.” November 12, 2007

    Ron New , Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Venturi Technology Partners
    worked with Brian at Venturi Technology Partners


    Brian Browning joins Ameex Technologies

    On November 1st, 2012, Brian Browning joined Ameex Technologies, a leading provider of web content management consulting and staff augmentation services, as Vice President. In this capacity, Mr. Browning works with customers to select WCMS platforms, supports pre-sales efforts, oversees the implementation of WCMS solutions and provides guidance and support to the rest of the executive management team. Additionally, Mr. Browning provides strategic guidance to Ameex clients in determining how to evolve their WCMS platforms to maximize their online effectiveness. 

    More information about Ameex can be found at:


    Ektron SYNERGY Presentations Posted

    I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to present 2 presentations to this past year's SYNERGY Event. To download copies of the presentations, please click below:

    Content Migration: Do we HAVE to? (PPTX File) 3.8 MB


    The Content Migration presentation was a lot of fun to put together and share with the audience. Addressing manual and automated approaches to content migration, the deck included sample formulas to help users size their content migration efforts and resources. It concluded with a presentation by Jason Arden explaining how to leverage Ektron's API to automatically upload transformed content into Ektron.

    Link to online webinar:

    Enterprise Architecture and Ektron (PPTX File) 5.9MB

    This presentation focused around the unique needs of enterprise-level organizations when it comes to hosting infrastructure, integration with third-party and legacy tools, applications and data sources and provided best practice tips on configuring e-Sync within an enterprise environment.


    Ektron Book Released

    I am excited to announce that the official Ektron Developers Guide has been released. Authored by Bill Rogers, Aniel Sud and Bill Cava, the official Ektron Developers Guide is a fantastic guide to all aspects of developing Ektron-powered web sites. I contributed chapters on the Ektron web development methodology and how to develop the CMS Implementation Guide.

    Published by Wrox, the Ektron Developers Guide is available now at at:

    It is also available for the Kindle platform from the same location. 


    Brian Browning to present 2 Presentations at Ektron's SYNERGY 2010 Annual User Conference

    Ektron SYNERGY 2010 Annual User Conference

    On Tuesday, November 9 at 11:30 AM:

    Enterprise Architecture and Ektron 

    What does having Ektron in place mean to your enterprise? How does it fit into your infrastructure and what are the best ways to integrate it with your systems? This session will provide IT professionals with the insight they need to take full advantage of Ektron's extensibility and integration capabilities. Get a look inside of the Ektron software and learn how to maximize your enterprise architecture's efficiency.

    Presenter: Brian Browning, Senior Director of Client Services, Ektron

    On Tuesday, November 9 at 3:00 PM:

    Content migration: Do we have to? 

    Certification Session

    Learn how to migrate your content in no time. Best practices will make this often daunting process easier and eliminate downtime. Brian Browning, Ektron’s director of east coast professional services will discuss the steps you need to cover planning your migration path including tips for creating content inventories that will speed up the process. Jason Arden, director of partner engineering will then demonstrate how to programmatically move content into an Ektron environment. Manual migration processes will also be covered, with both the benefits and drawbacks to each explained in detail.

    Presenters: Brian Browning, Senior Director of Client Services, Ektron and Jason Arden, Director of Partner Engineering, Ektron

    To find out more, attend the Ektron SYNERGY 2010 Annual User Conference!


    Brian Browning promoted to Senior Director of Client Services for Ektron, Inc.

    Brian Browning has been promoted to Senior Director of Client Services for Ektron, Inc. A press release will be issued in the coming weeks with additional information. In the interim, below is a summary of his new responsibilities.

    Mr. Browning serves as the Senior Director of Client Services for Ektron, a leading provider of web content management systems. The Client Services team is responsible for providing Professional Services delivery, training support and best practices consultation for Ektron customers around the world. Based in Richmond, VA, his responsibilities include the oversight of Ektron-based Web Content Management System projects produced as part of the Ektron Professional Services team, providing pre-sales support for the Ektron Sales team and ensuring that customers are able to maximize their investment in Ektron's world-class WCMS tools and technologies.

    In addition, as the Senior Director of Client Services, Mr. Browning is also responsible for the development and enforcement of the Ektron web site development methodology, provides strategic leadership around internal delivery processes and oversees and guides the Ektron Training team and internal Project Management Office. Mr. Browning is also responsible for managing the internal sales scoping process and resources for the Client Services team.  

    Previously with Ektron, Brian served as the Director of Mid-Atlantic Professional Services and Director of East Coast Professional Services.