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    "Brian is that truly rare breed of professional who is adept at blending many critical technical and leadership skills while maintaining a high degree of civility and humility under pressure. I have never worked with anyone who could so artfully present complex issues at any audience level while never losing focus on achieving the goal of the engagement. I would recommend Brian for any role that he is willing to undertake, and I can promise success in any such endeavor.” November 12, 2007

    Ron New , Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Venturi Technology Partners
    worked with Brian at Venturi Technology Partners


    Synergy 2014: What to Look Forward To

    It's almost time for Ektron's 7th  Synergy Customer Conference, a semi-annual gathering of Ektron customers, partners and employees to exchange ideas, learn about the current and future direction of the CMS platform and to experiences. I have been a lucky attendant at each of the previous six Synergy Conferences and I can say without hesitation that if you are currently on Ektron, or thinking about moving onto the Ektron CMS platform, you would benefit tremendously by attending Synergy. 



    Introducing Ektron 9!

    Ektron has released the latest version of its popular web content management system, titled simply "Ektron 9". Building upon the success of features introduced in version 8.x, Ektron 9 offers enhancements across the board: from search engine improvements to increased support for mobile devices and responsive frameworks, from persona-based personalization and targeting to improvements to content author workflow and interface, it's clear that with Ektron 9, there's something for everyone.

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    What are the Advantages of Working with an Ektron Partner?

    When it comes time to implement an Ektron- powered web site, there are a lot of options. Many customers have internal IT teams that have experience in developing web applications. For these customers, sending their internal IT team members to Ektron for formal training may result in an effective implementation team. But many customers don’t have internal IT teams, or their IT teams are already very busy managing other projects. Many times, even if the IT team members go through the formal Ektron training class, they still lack practical experience in implementing Ektron, which can produce inaccurate architectures that could hamstring the quality and performance of the site for years to come.

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    What is Ektron’s Digital Experience Hub (DXH)?

    You’ve probably had this experience before: you visit and are greeted with a home page that makes product recommendations based on your previous purchase history. These recommendations may be fairly intelligent; for example, they may recommend children’s toys when it is my daughter’s birthday, but other recommendations at other times of the year. Perhaps you are offered a special financing deal or a coupon for 10% off if you buy today. What you are witnessing is a personalized selling experience, intelligently delivered based on data that Amazon knows about you. Amazon delivers this experience because it has proven time after time that the more it can tailor product offerings to your unique needs, the more likely you will “convert” – in this case, in the form of an online sale.

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    Tackling the Question of Content Migration

    It is often said that your company’s web site is never really “done”, and in fact, according to HubSpot, the average web site is redesigned every 2 years. If you have ever had to take on the challenge of redesigning a web site, you are probably familiar with the concept of content migration. These kinds of redesign projects are challenging because they involve not just a complete redesign of the user interface, but also of the underlying information architecture of the site, as well. And information architecture is intimately linked to content strategy, which in turn leads to content migration as part of the redesign effort. 

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