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    Areas of Expertise
    • User Experience
    • Web Site Strategy
    • Information Architecture
    • Graphic Design
    • Usability
    • Accessibility
    • Rich Internet Applications
    • Globalization
    • e-Learning
    • e-Marketing
    • e-Commerce
    • Government Web Sites
    • Web Content Management Systems

    "Brian is that truly rare breed of professional who is adept at blending many critical technical and leadership skills while maintaining a high degree of civility and humility under pressure. I have never worked with anyone who could so artfully present complex issues at any audience level while never losing focus on achieving the goal of the engagement. I would recommend Brian for any role that he is willing to undertake, and I can promise success in any such endeavor.” November 12, 2007

    Ron New , Vice President of Sales and Marketing , Venturi Technology Partners
    worked with Brian at Venturi Technology Partners

    My Story

    From an early age, I was fascinated with technology. My father worked in what was then a new, nascent field called information technology. I was exposed to it early and often in my formative years. While my father had extensive experience with actually programming mainfame computer systems, his real talent lay in being able to explain deeply technical concepts in plain, easy to understand language, a skill I quickly picked up and made my own.

    I developed an early appreciation for how important the role of interface was to gaining user acceptanceof computers and their powerful capabilities. Having developed a strong love of traditional graphic design in high school and college, I initially began my career learning how to apply the principles of effective design to computer-based interfaces. From there, I wanted to learn more about how to go beyond just attractive interfaces, to make something functional.

    It wasn’t long afterward that I realized that these information technology projects were the fuel that kept businesses competitive, helped them to stand out in a crowded marketplace of “me too” competitors and truly served customer interests. With the widescale acceptance of the Internet, an opportunity to leverage my skills to let any sized company compete in a global marketplace presented itself.

    I was blessed with the opportunity to work in all aspects of web development; from design and information architecture to programming and hosting infrastructure. As my career evolved, and I worked on countless web-oriented projects, I quickly realized the opportunity that the Internet afforded businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and even individuals. Based on this experience, I transitioned my career into one focused on learning and exploiting the business potential of Internet technologies.

    Now, many years later, I have had the incredible opportunity to assist countless organizations with web site redesign projects, web content management systems, e-learning initiatives, globalization and localization projects and Internet-technology based strategy projects.

    I am passionate about the web and what it means to today’s contemporary business environment. I specialize in empowering organizations in maximizing the capabilities of what I believe is still very much an evolving technology whose true promise is yet to be fully realized.

    I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about this brave new world. Please contact me to begin a conversation about how I can assist you and your organization in taking advantage of the next generation of technology, of people and of processes.